Welcome to DreamTalks

Our Story
DreamTalks started as an idea to help entrepreneurs get their message out to the world in a fun, supportive, and engaging manner. It all began in 2011 as Serendipity Tea Parties for women entrepreneurs, founded by April Bellia and Baljit Rayat. April then met William Oliver (serendipitously!) and once they realized their hearts were aligned, they became the co-founders of DreamTalks. Together, their shared vision of uplifting humanity will leave a lasting legacy in the world of entrepreneurship by redefining corporate networking.

After the first DreamTalks, the vision quickly grew to bringing DreamTalks to more communities around the world. Since the first day they met on April 28, 2015, the vision has been taking on a life of it’s own. There are now over 10 cities around the world asking to host a DreamTalks event, and more interest is coming from other cities around the world.

So, what Is DreamTalks?
DreamTalks is a global speaking and networking platform and community for high level Dreamers, Visionaries, Healers, Luminaries, Entrepreneurs, and Investors to come together to change the world in a supportive and collaborative manner. It’s all about community and helping entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life through collaboration, support, mentorship, and inspiration. DreamTalks is heart-based business networking. We bring in dancing, partying, music, and a whole lot more. It’s a transformational networking experience to take people and their businesses to new heights.

DreamTalks is not just about giving speakers the spotlight. It’s also a leadership and corporate training experience where people come together to learn from other leaders and successful business owners in their respective fields. Our speakers interact with our audience and are receptive to hearing your ideas and exchanging information.

Our Vision
To create a safe and welcoming space where we can all come together to share our dreams about the future of humanity and how we can create the world of our dreams together. We are creating a global community and providing the support and distribution mechanism to help more entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life.

Our Mission
Our mission is to uplift and inspire humanity by providing dreamers the platforms, resources, and services necessary to bring those dreams to life.

DreamTalks Core Values
Treat everyone with respect and compassion.
Be kind and generous to one another… we are in this together.
Openly share our hearts and our dreams together.
Look out for one another and our community.
Build a family, where everyone is supportive of one another.
Share our gifts with the world and uplift humanity.

Why Attend DreamTalks?

We can introduce you to our growing community of over 1000 people who are part of the DreamLife Community. We’ll help you connect with amazing investors, entrepreneurs, techies, engineers, writers, trainers, coaches… you name it. We’re bringing that community together to help them get connected, so they can grow their businesses and the impact they are creating in the world.

Our Community
We are a vibrant global community of supporters, dreamers, visionaries and leaders who are on a mission to uplift and inspire humanity. It is our belief that when we come together and are united in love, compassion and support, we will awaken our dreams.

Within each of us lives a dream that has the capacity to change the world. When you come to DreamTalks you will be touched, moved and inspired to bring your dreams to life.

We are here to support you, so reach out and say hello! Welcome to your family.