Are you new to the binding industry? If yes, you will come across thousands of binding styles in the binding market. However, one should always choose a binding style after knowing about the different styles available. After all, whether one wants to bind a book or a document or any presentation, it is seen that customers are spoilt of choices.

According to tape binding supplies, before heading to a binding professional or towards a binding machine, having a proper idea about the binding types is mandatory. Once one is able to learn the different binding techniques, one would be able to come to an informed decision.



Most Popular Formats

For new comers, the two most popular types of binding formats that works well with a thermal binding machine are:

  • Tape Binding
  • Thermal Binding

It has been seen that both these binding format creates a great result. In short, the end-product of the bind document can be great to look at. However, here in this blog, one would be able to learn about the binding style in details.


Tape Binding

This binding style is often referred to as glue binding that is often used as a finishing option by many binders. Usually, this binding method is suitable for binding training materials which doesn’t need to lay flat on the desk.

According to leading tape binding suppliers, tape binding makes use of a strip of tape that comes with some adhesive of glue. Usually, the adhesives are pressure sensitive and stick to the spine of the document or materials very easily. It is seen that the tape is placed on the spine of the stack of papers.

Often, the document which comes with tape-bound makes use of clear cover or card stock as their back cover. This binding technique is apt for binding thinner books like presentations. However, for binding thicker books this method can be used.

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Thermal Binding 

This form of binding makes use of a heating element in order to heat the adhesive strip. Usually the adhesive strip remains present in the clear cover front. Usually, thermal binding supplies can make use of card stock back as the cover for documents. Pages are placed in the already made cover. It is then placed in the thermal binding machine that heats the glue.

After the glue melts and get solidified, the cover is removed. Hence, this binding method is suitable for making reports and presentations.


Which One Is Better?

Often, binding suppliers face one common question, i.e. which binding format is suitable? The answer to this question totally depends on what one wants from the binding style.

Whether one is looking for the longevity of the bind and documents? Or, the document should look professional. Depending on the requirements the binding style should be always chosen.

However, it’s better to avoid tape binding as the pages can get loose after some time. It’s because the tape adhesive doesn’t remain any strong. Tape binding supplies feel that thermal binding offers better look to the document. If you are looking forward to give a professional look to your documents or presentations, you should opt for thermal binding method.

Hopefully, after going through all details, you will be able to come to an informed decision.