About us

DreamTalks Is For Next-Level Dreamers


DreamTalks is a global networking and speaking platform for next-level entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their life and business to the next-level. DreamTalks was created to support entrepreneurs along their journey to bringing their dreams to life. DreamTalks is a safe place to learn and grow and brings together the best of entrepreneurship, executive success, intimate connections, and personal growth. DreamTalks was started to help the Dreamers of the world succeed.

DreamTalks partners with local sponsors within different major city centres and regions around the world to fill theatre venues with between 300 and 7,000 participants. Our bigger event is called DreamDay and it’s held inside stadiums around the world. Our biggest events are called Dreamworld Festival and Dreamworld Conference and those events attract 100,000+ people from around the world.

Where DreamTalks Is Going:

After achieving incredible success with our first two events, our team decided to break DreamTalks into two different events, DreamTalks Monthly and DreamTalks Uplift. DreamTalks Monthly is for up to 700 people and DreamTalks Uplift is our premier event for up to 10,000 people. All DreamTalks events are held inside large theatre halls and incorporate an aspect of theatre, live performances, great networking experiences, and live speakers.

DreamTalks is now being spread all around the world to different cities. It’s become more of a global movement towards heart centred entrepreneurship and discussions about the future of humanity. Our mission with DreamTalks is to engage the world in conversations around the future of humanity and how we can all play our part in making the world a better place for all of humanity.

Why Come to DreamTalks:

DreamTalks is a great place to spend 3 to 12 hours connecting with people in your local market and building intimate long lasting relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives, and future team members. DreamTalks brings together all types of people a night/day of intimate connections. We love seeing people bring their dreams to life and love supporting people in creating the lives of their dreams.


  • Meet new business partners and team members.
  • Share your dreams with people who really care.
  • Connect with more people in your community.
  • Learn valuable business skills and be inspired by great speakers.


  • Leading edge speakers in the areas of consciousness, passion-based living and optimal wellness.
  • Connecting with likeminded people to build business and personal networking opportunities.
  • Beautiful music, dance, and breath-taking performances to amplify the energy.
  • An introduction to meditation and a powerful experience of a collective meditation.
  • An opportunity to strengthen new connections and have a great time at the after party.

7 Reasons to Attend DreamTalks

  1. Expand Your Mind: We work hard to bring you the speakers who are the best minds and experts in the fields of consciousness, entrepreneurship, health lifestyle and personal development. You are guaranteed to learn and get inspired!
  2. Get Connected: By coming to the event you immediately become a part of our global Dream community. You can share your vision at our monthly Dream Gatherings, ask for advice in your new project using on-line community websites, travel with us on DreamLife journeys to exotic locations, and much more!
  3. Access New Resources: What is it that you need to bring your dream to reality? We’ll help you connect with amazing investors, entrepreneurs, techies, engineers, writers, trainers, coaches… you name it.
  4. Add Meaning: The event is very rich in content and packed with cutting edge information and ideas. Find something for yourself which will add more meaning to your life and use our resources to take it to the next level.
  5. Ignite Your Heart: Our breath-taking, positivity-charged and vibrant performances and meditation experiences are designed to open up spaces of love, connection and inspiration to elevate your spirit and have a lasting positive effect on your life.
  6. Find Your New Trend: We carefully chose our sponsors. We promise that you will learn more about amazing health products, yoga studios, innovative technology companies and other conscious brands which can take your life to the next level. Your city will become cooler!
  7. Party Time: Have a great fun at the after party!

***DreamTalks project is a part of a global Dream community network with other initiatives such as Awaken the Dream Within, DreamLife Journeys, DreamDay and DreamFestival.